Laura Moore Cunningham Arboretum Signage | Stephanie Inman

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Laura Moore Cunningham Arboretum Signage


I worked with Boise Forestry, Boise Parks and Recreation and Janelle Wise (grand niece to Laura Moore Cunningham) to design an elegant and beautiful way to mark theĀ Laura Moore Cunningham Arboretum near Municipal Park in Boise. There are two matching “tree inspired” signs to bookend the arboretum, and a companion sign along the greenbelt near Municipal Park.

Local metal artist/fabricator Ken McCall brought the vision to life by shaping the metal to look like 3-dimensional tree limbs. It is truly a work of art because of Ken. I painted vibrant fall and spring color behind the top oval panel. Mark Baltes added the porcelain enamel medallion found in the companion sign.

The City of Boise is thankful for the many contributions of the generous Cunningham family.

Is it just me, or are these some of the most beautiful signs in Boise?