I think all design should have meaning and joy. That is what I strive for.

I believe in embracing happy accidents, and that it is good to fail. Failure means you are pushing yourself, trying new things, taking risks.

Indoor plumbing, beer, gallon-sized ziploc bags, libraries, staples, the sandwich – all fabulous inventions.

Sometimes it is fun to lift big men like little babies (just because you can). My family says to stop doing that though. They remind me I’m getting old and could hurt my back. I call that being a fun sucker.

I think it’s sad you can travel anywhere in the U.S. and every box store has the same stuff.

Mayo jar openings are way too small.

I should ride the bus more.

I am anxious for the day when men’s basketball short shorts come back.

You can tell a lot about someone’s style by their choice in kitchen bar stools.

I don’t like ketchup, pancake syrup, pedicures or, generally speaking, tank tops for men.

Things I really like: motorcycle cop boots, green olives, the word Wichita, and big statement necklaces.

In second grade I so badly wanted to be a grocery store checker. That bright cash register! Those buttons! Printing receipts!

When in doubt, take a walk.

Why are you reading this anyway?

Idaho folk artist James Castle was a genius.

I say trust those crazy ideas. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird.

Most importantly, be kind.