RHODES | Stephanie Inman

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I was honored to be part of the public art team for Boise’s RHODES Skatepark. My contribution was a 20′ tall triangular totem I call Finch Tower. It serves as a landmark book-ending the park. It combines elements from the public art team’s other designs: the type from Trademark Creative’s large skeletal steel letters, and the colors coordinate with Sector Seventeen’s murals.

I also designed the interpretive trail panel that talks about the history of the park, the murals, and Glenn Rhodes. I created a hand-drawn gantois pattern and used that in the background of both Finch Tower and the smaller signage layout.

The park was named after Glenn Rhodes, a true renaissance man who helped build this skatepark for Boise youth. He was a birdwatcher and his favorite bird was the goldfinch. That’s why you’ll spy a goldfinch on top of the totem, and on the trail signage. If it is really windy, the little wings on Finch Tower will flutter!

The totem and trail signage were fabricated and installed by the wonderful team at Trademark Creative.