Public Art Plan for City Hall Plaza | Stephanie Inman

Public Art Plan for City Hall Plaza


A year ago the City of Boise put out a call to artists to commission a significant public artwork for Boise City Hall Plaza that resonates with the spirit of Boise. I worked closely with Karen Bubb (Boise’s Public Arts Manager) to create this document.

This Public Art Plan was part of the project’s application packet. It was created to give artists a sense of context and alert them to changes with the plaza, where art currently exists around City Hall and where it may go in the future, and what principles artists should respond to. It asked applicants to pay close attention to what is unique about our city, and what makes Boise City Hall Plaza a civic space.

We see artwork in the plaza as a “gift to the community” and as an important icon for Boise. I can’t wait to see the selected concept, ‘Terrain, Civics, Ecology’, when realized!