Poetry Paths at The Nampa Public Library | Stephanie Inman

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Poetry Paths at The Nampa Public Library


If you’re wandering in the new Nampa Public Library, you may notice fragments of words between the columns on the second floor. Grab paper and pencil and make a rubbing on each of the 3 colorful acrylics or 3 aluminum panels to discover two separate “poetry paths”.

I thought up these “paths” as a way to explore the library and consider the smaller details.

I painted the back of the acrylic series that together reads,

Write To Be Understood

Speak To Be Heard

Read To Grow

The other quotation is from my favorite book by my favorite author, Boise’s Anthony Doerr. It reads,

Open your eyes

and see what you can with them

before they close forever.

These were delightful to create, and fairly inexpensive additions to the new building.