Cultural Arts Plan for Boise’s 30th Street Neighborhood | Stephanie Inman

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Cultural Arts Plan for Boise’s 30th Street Neighborhood


This Cultural Arts Plan was commissed by the City of Boise to identify the potential for art in the 30th Street Area and reveal the neighborhood’s unique character. I worked with city staff and residents to create a document that imagines ways to engage the neighborhood with public art, identifies 8 different thematic principals for artists to respond to and ends with a dream list of 15 potential public art projects for the neighborhood.

An old drawer turned into a visual display goes with me when I present the plan. It ties into the neighborhood’s emphasis on history, nature, multicultural residents and recycled art.

You can find this public document online at: 

You can find information about Boise’s 30th Street Master Plan online at: 

I’m proud to also add that this plan won a 2014 Smart Growth Award for Community Excellence! woo hoo! More about Smart Growth online at:   Close