Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza Signage | Stephanie Inman

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Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza Signage


Designed to comfort and educate, Boise’s Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza provides messages of hope and contemplation for visitors in Julia Davis Park. The plaza starts with a “Positive Mental Attitude” walk and ends with a circular plaza grounded by Mark Baltes’ kinetic kite sculpture.

I designed the 7 signage panels in the plaza so that graphically the sky clears and the clouds part as you learn more when reading the information and gaining a greater perspective about cancer. The same simple sans serif typeface was carried through to the way I arranged the type for the inspirational messages on the surrounding carved sandstone walls.

The Bloch Foundation donated the funds for this beautiful plaza, one of two dozen cancer survivor parks across the country. Landscape Architect Toby Norton at Parks and Recreation did a great job designing the plaza. Visit it if you haven’t yet!