Art Plan for Nampa Public Library | Stephanie Inman

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Art Plan for Nampa Public Library


With input from community surveys, discussions with the local Arts Task Force, and because of operations manager Claire Connely’s help and vision, I created this Art Plan for the Nampa Public Library. The new building opened March 14, 2015.

This Art Plan identified art opportunities in and around Nampa, Idaho’s beautiful new library. The guiding principle for art was that of a rooted tree, with rustic tree roots for the first level, lush greenery for the second and finally a canopy that opens to the sky on the third.

The vision of our Art Plan came to life with several projects:

– Leslie Dixon’s gorgeous 3 story feature wall installation, entitled A Wider World, sets the tone for the entire library.

– Matt Grover’s kinetic sculpture, Planting Seeds, greets visitors in the lobby with several 4 foot long seed pods made of maple and steel.

– Visitors can find additional art by Jerri Lisk and photographer Mark Lisk, who grew up in Nampa.

I designed the large-scale donor recognition wall to double as an art installation in the main lobby, and there are a few additional installations by yours truly. Handsome signage was designed and fabricated by Trademark Sign Company.

This project made me a firm believer in the power of creating a formal Art Plan. By defining a theme, outlining potential projects, and encouraging site-specific art experiences, realizing this Art Plan helped make the library lively, unique, and full of character, while celebrating Nampa’s community spirit and showcasing local artists.

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